40 Things To Do in the School Holidays

Simple ideas on for how to spend your time off.

FINALLY the holidays have rolled around and it is time for you to enjoy that much anticipated ‘me time.’ If you are fresh out of ideas or looking for a little extra inspiration, hopefully you’ll find some helpful suggestions below.

Here I go, 40 Things To Do in the School Holidays:

  • Visit a museum
  • Take a free walking tour of your city
  • Bake some cookies
  • Try out a new craft
  • Plant something in your garden
  • Play your favourite tunes and have a dance
  • Have a bubble bath
  • Try a new food, restaurant or cafe
  • Go away for the night
  • Visit a nursery
  • Go to an art gallery
  • Camp out in your back yard (or lounge room)
  • Have a potluck meal with friends
  • Visit your nearest zoo or animal reserve
  • Watch an old time favourite movie
  • Head to the local library
  • Take a bush walk
  • Watch a sunrise
  • Try a new recipe
  • Go for a bike ride; most cities offer bike rentals
  • Have a picnic in the park
  • Search the local newspaper for free activities to attend
  • Write and send a letter or postcard
  • Look through some old photographs
  • Read a new book
  • Walk along the beach
  • List three tasks you must complete and a reward for doing each
  • Call a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Catch up on films at home with popcorn and treats
  • Research and write a list of places you’d like to visit
  • Prepare a meal with all colours of the rainbow
  • Buy some new stationary
  • Visit a local farmer’s market
  • Ride on public transport to a new location
  • Buy a bunch of flowers to brighten up your home
  • Treat yourself to a massage or beauty treatment
  • Write down five things you are truly grateful for
  • Do some goal setting; what do you hope to achieve in the next year?
  • Head to your nearest botanic gardens
  • Get dressed up and go on a date, by yourself

If you have some suggestions, I’d LOVE to hear from you!

The Satisfaction of Achievement

We all know the sense of relief and deep satisfaction that comes once a large piece of work is completed or the joy and sense of achievement when a student conquers a challenging task. As teachers we are lucky to experience small wins everyday.

Pause for a moment though, and think about your students. Do they experience the same satisfaction of achieving something everyday? Particularly the struggler who doesn’t enjoy school or who hasn’t yet mastered the basics when the rest of the class is moving on to an extension task.

Intrinsic motivation is a powerful force. Most students display some degree of intrinsic motivation which makes it easier for them to achieve and experience the satisfaction that accompanies it. However, other students may lack the internal motivation driving them to learn. These are the students who are most likely to be missing out on experiencing regular satisfaction from their learning.

We all know how important it is to recognise students for displaying effort and completing good work. But being recognised for a job well done should not be confused with the personal satisfaction that comes with completing a challenging task.

A small win each day for the struggling student will lead to increased confidence, which, over time leads to better results and hopefully an improvement in their ability to intrinsically motivate.

At the core of our role as teachers, we are trying to empower students through education. Every day remember to give every student the opportunity to feel empowered through achievement.


Give Our Students Roots and Wings

Words are powerful. They can transfer knowledge, provide comfort and motivate, plus we all know the negative impact they can have. Positive and encouraging quotes are a fantastic way to connect with students and can offer great guidance for teachers.

The name Flying Sprout was inspired by a great quote that is relevant for parents and teachers alike; There are two things we should give our children: one is roots and the other is wings. We can take this to mean many things but ultimately, as educators, it reminds us of the responsibility we have to provide our students with a strong base and opportunities to soar to the fullest of their potential.

Welcome to Flying Sprout

Hello and welcome!

I have big dreams for this site and it will take plenty of time to achieve them but even the longest journey starts with a single step and this is it; Blog Post #1!

While you can find all this information elsewhere on my site, let me start with the basics.

My name is Bianca. I am a qualified teacher, though currently a stay-at-home-mum. I taught in a Primary School eight years. While working in the classroom I was also my school’s Numeracy co-ordinator for a number of years. As I progressed through my teaching career I realised one of the main challenges faced by teachers is a lack of time. I recently realised there was a way I can give teachers back some time, lift their work load and take away the tasks they didn’t particularly enjoy but still have to complete.

Flying Sprout is dedicated to Saving Teachers Time; less time spent on undesirable, energy-sapping tasks means more time to do the things you want to do and more time to focus on the needs of your students.

Flying Sprout gives teachers the opportunity to outsource many non-teaching duties. These tasks include but are not limited to:

  • Photocopying
  • Proof reading and editing
  • Printing and laminating
  • Cutting and sorting
  • Reading and summarising
  • Sourcing Resources

Also offered by Flying Sprout is pre-service and graduate teacher mentoring. Sometimes it can be hard to talk through issues with colleagues, gain advice and support in a new workplace. Having a mentor who has worked in the same environment, understands the pressures and is willing to listen and offer advise without judgement can be a very valuable thing.

I hope you enjoy taking this ride with me as I aim to grow a business from my passion.