The Advantages of Babywearing While Travelling

When faced with the choice whether to use a pram or babycarrier while travelling or on holiday, the benefits of a wearing your baby make it a clear winner.

The advantages of baby wearing while travelling are many, too many to list. I have found baby carriers to be one of my most valuable possessions as a parent, particularly a travelling parent! While I love using a pram for everyday walks around my local area, I have never taken one on a holiday. I’ve always chosen a baby carrier rather than a pram, here’s why…

baby wearing Infographics

  • Using a pram to get around can be hard. I find it challenging to manoeuvre through crowds of people, tricky to load in and out of the car and near impossible when faced with a flight of stairs. All of these scenarios are almost guaranteed when travelling. Wearing your baby in a carrier, wrap or sling makes crowds insignificant, getting into a car easy and allows you to run up the stairs if you really want to!
  • Travel can be overwhelming for adults and is especially so for children. With all the new sights and sounds little ones can easily get emotional and clingy. Being in a baby carrier where they feel physically safe and secure is hugely reassuring for them and can eliminate a potentially stressful meltdown for you.
  • The safety and security your child feels when being worn also helps them to sleep comfortably and we all know how important that is, ESPECIALLY while travelling!!
  • Moving through crowds, airport checkpoints and sightseeing in new cities is made much easier without a pram. Having both your hands free to fill out forms, feed yourself on the go and hold luggage is made possible by wearing your baby.
  • Finding yourself in crowded places with a young child can bring up issues of safety. Keeping your little one close means less chance of getting separated from them…. and you cant get much closer than having them attached!
  • Packing light can be a challenge, especially when you have a young child! Baby carriers are light and most fold up very small; small enough to place in a nappy bag or carry on. Prams, on the other hand, can be very heavy, awkward to fold and are too large to pack away, meaning you need to take an extra piece of luggage everywhere you go.
  • Family travel often sees us accompanied by a mountain of luggage, usually too much for one person to wheel around, baby wearing frees up your hands so you can wheel along a suitcase or trolley without also having to chase after your child.

There are many different baby carriers in the market. They vary in price, comfort and ease of use.

For newborns I can’t go past a stretchy wrap, like those by Moby or Hug a Bub. You can take your baby in and out of the carrier without having to unwrap it each time.
Moby brand stretchy wrap

For babies who are a few months old all the way up to 20kg toddlers, my saving grace is a Tula. Tula’s are easy to use, weigh nearly nothing, fold down very small, are ergonomically designed (very important!), super comfortable and look great! They aren’t cheap but are worth their cost ten times over in the piece of mind and convenience they offer.

Tula baby carriers can be worn on your front or back
Tula baby carriers can be worn on your front or back.

Next time you are travelling, do yourself a favour, leave the pram at home and take a baby carrier instead.

Travelling with a Toddler – Unnecessary Stress and Worry

Travel can be an exciting adventure. It can also be a stressful struggle. In many cases, the difference between these two experiences is simply our mindset.

Travel can be an exciting adventure. It can also be a stressful struggle. In many cases, the difference between these two experiences is simply our mindset.

Travelling with a toddlerWhile we certainly cannot control everything, and children have their own way of creating chaos, we can control ourselves. The way we plan for and approach our travels can help ensure things run as smoothly as possible, with the minimum amount of stress.

I am very fortunate to have travelled a lot with a toddler so I know the stress that can come before setting off on a big journey. I also know the anxiety that comes from imagining the worst-case scenario and the relief when you realise all the worry was unfounded.

When my little one was 18 months old my family went on a European adventure. We flew from Australia (2 flights, 23 hours in the air) to France and road-tripped through six countries. In that time I spent 5 days travelling alone with my son, driving on the ‘wrong’ side of the road through non-English speaking countries and …. I had a blast!

I look back and think of all the time I spent worrying about what could potentially go wrong and seriously regret all the unnecessary stress I caused myself.

I worried about:

  • My child crying throughout the flights and disturbing everyone
  • None of us sleeping on the aeroplane
  • Not being able to communicate with locals
  • Not finding places to park or being able to read road signs
  • Having an accident in the hire car

None of those things, which I’d spent so much energy worrying about, actually eventuated. Not one!

  • My little one was wonderfully behaved and we all slept in the flights.
  • There are many English speakers in Europe plus loads of translation apps you can use to communicate.
  • The GPS worked wonderfully, so reading road signs was a non-issue and finding car parks was easy.
  • We handed the hire car back without so much as a scratch.

I've got 99 problems and 86 of them are completely made up scenarios in my head that I'm stressing about for absolutely no logical reason.

They say ‘live with no regrets’ but I’ll tell you what, I seriously regret the time I worried about all the things that would never even happen!

The only benefit that came from worrying about what could go wrong, was an increased motivation to through plan our trip; good places to stay, activities to keep a toddler amused, apps that make travel easier etc. Good planning meant everything that could go right did!

It was an amazing learning experience and I am so proud of what we achieved. We made memories that will last us a lifetime, I discovered abilities I didn’t know I had but most notably, I learnt that worry is a serious misuse of my imagination and there is no need to worry about what may or may not happen in the future because, that only takes away from the present.

Worry is a misuse of your imagination

Disclaimer: The worst we experienced was 2 days of seriously grumpy teething in 35 degree heat without air conditioning. But hey, plenty of cuddles, gelato and taking things a little slower was all we needed to get through that!