Grab & Go Tasks

Flying Sprout’s Grab & Go Tasks are designed by a Primary School teacher with the aim to make numeracy skill acquisition fun and easy for children.

The tasks in this collection are targeted at early childhood and lower primary students; children aged 4-7 years of age.

Each activity card provides details on materials needed, target age, skill and task instructions as well as extension option/s to provide an extra challenge.

Each card has a cute animal mascot so the activities are both easily identifiable and motivating.

To view the full collection of tasks, please head over to Flying Sprout’s Etsy Store.

Busy Bags

Flying Sprout’s Busy Bags are educational activity kits specifically designed to keep your toddler entertained and learning while building independence.

Each kit contains an activity card with clear instructions as well as all materials needed for your child to learn and practise a specific skill or concept.

All tasks require some fine motor control so in addition to practising an important skill, your child will be developing fine motor control while completing the activity.

To see the range of Busy Bags as soon as they are released, head over to Flying Sprout’s Etsy Store and save it as a favourite.